Home of The Mcquillans Route Clan

The actual


 story. The prevailing idea on MacQuillan origins is that they were descended from Fiacha MacUillin, youngest son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. These people are described as "kings or princes of Ulidia from the fifth century until about the twelfth century, and from then until the sixteenth century, as kings of Dalriada." This history of MacQuillans was related by Webb in 1860. She adhered to a MacQuillan family private manuscript which can trace their lineage from that time back to the early sixteenth century and the last MacQuillan Lords of the Route.

Side note: The term Route in this context does not mean road or path. It actually derives from the ancient Gaelic "Rout" meaning small army.  

  This clan will have many different functions. Along with adhering to Runescape fun we will host games that will be apart of the McQuillan history. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the actual  clan. Its history its self belongs to myth. This clan is not legit yet on Runescape but it will be soon. I will be scouting for trustworthy people to make up my high ranking officials and founders. So keep an eye out for me SirLoubert


  McQuillans Clan purpose in Runescape.

 Well first off our main goal is to have fun.

Second is the plain simple fact that the McQuillans then and now are starting out as Mercenaries. We will help out our own as much as is expected. Be it with skilling quests getting payback on someone in the wilderness (which is a big deal.) We never let a killing of a member go unanswered if possible. ( If the death was of said member was apart of duel or monster it goes without saying that it will be overlooked.)

PKing will hopfully play a major part in The MCR. PVP and Clan warring will be added in as soon as we get our numbers up.